Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Case Study New Healthcare Security Systems - 1350 Words

There are several companies around that have created new healthcare security systems. A company that I recently researched is General Dynamics IT, with a product called STARSSolutions Suite. The STARSSolution Suite product applies to healthcare fraud, waste and abuse (FWA). FWA is a continuing concern in healthcare because of the large quantity of money that is claimed yearly. This product contains four key solutions that would assist a healthcare provider including STARSInterceptor, STARSSentinel, STARSInformant and STARSCommander. These solutions focus on pre-pay prevention, post-pay detection, ad-hoc investigative analytics and workload management. Their analysis and reports can be used to differentiate the small mistakes from intentional fraudulent activities (Fraud, Waste and Abuse, n.d.). This software is strictly focused on healthcare fraud and their product is catered to our business and field of work. Since AngMar is a small privately owned company there are a limited amount of employees on staff. The majority of our employees are nurses that provide the in home healthcare for our clients and the rest of the employees are the corporate staff. This product seemed to be a good fit due to the option of outsourcing most of the processing. AngMar has a relatively small IT department, around 3 people at corporate, and this system would not be their area of expertise. Having an outsourced system is more cost effective for a small company like ours, as it is with ourShow MoreRelatedCloud Computing Impacting Health Care988 Words   |  4 Pages Cloud Computing Impacting Health Care Introduction In comparison to other industries, the healthcare industry has under-utilized technology to improve the efficiency of operations. Healthcare systems are still dependent on written medical records which limits consultation with other medical players. Additionally, despite the substantial evidence in the sector of patient safety, there is little attention in regards to appropriate systematic approaches to help solve the issue (AbuKhousa Al-JaroodiRead MoreThe Risks Healthcare Providers Experience And The Impact Cloud Computing1418 Words   |  6 PagesThe study by Glasberg et al (2014) analyzes the risks healthcare providers experience and the impact cloud computing has in using the new technologies. Focusing on overall risk management, the study takes a holistic approach, where the research focuses both on human and organizational aspects. Using interviews as a form of data collection, the authors categorize risks and assesses impact from 2 perspectives; supply (S) and informatio n systems (IS) as shown in the table 1 below. Table 1 Risk RiskRead MoreCyber Security And Cyber Threats Essay1510 Words   |  7 Pages The healthcare sector of the United States has been confronting issues of cyber-attacks to such an extent that majority of the patients feel every moment that they are at great risk and thus their treatment processes suffer a lot.(Hacking Healthcare IT in 2016) The small sized clinics do not have many resources to enhance their information security systems. Even the large sized enterprises are vulnerable to the cyber threats. The White House had declared that it would increase opportunities to tackleRead MoreHealthcare Management Systems: Features Capabilities and Operational Benefits1434 Words   |  6 Pagesoperational benefits 2 Patient care applications 2 Management and enterprise system 2 E-Health applications 2 Strategic decision support applications 3 2- Need of Strategic plan for IM/IT in healthcare industry 3 Rationale 4 3- Systems development life-cycle in healthcare industry 4 4- Key elements for secure access to health care and patient information 5 5- Application of systems theory in healthcare governance of IT/IM 6 References 7 1-Features, capabilities, and operationalRead MoreWhat Is CDSS?1095 Words   |  5 PagesCoiera pointed some areas in healthcare practice that could be affected by the use of CDSS, including support decisions with clinical evidence, disease diagnosis and control of prescription medications (2015). Using CDSS has been associated with evidence of potential improvements in health care quality. However, to achieve this improvement in practice, some requirements, such as accurate and knowledge-based evidence, are needed (Sim et al., 2001). Sim et al. concluded that this evidence could provideRead MoreThe United States Healthcare System1742 Words   |  7 Pageseverything in our day to day lives. The benefits of expediency and the convenience afforded to those who utilize information systems their business dynamics is undeniable. This paper will discuss the various threats and vulnerabilities related to the United States healthcare system as well as government regulations and policies as well as the issues of overall personal data security as a whole. Threat assessment in regards to a cyber- attack and the level of liability in the aftermath of a cyber-attackRead MoreA Laptop Belonging At Kaiser Permanentes Stolen From An Employees Car1573 Words   |  7 Pagestheft, even up to losing ones’ personal identity. The case study history is as follows: A laptop belonging to Kaiser Permanente was stolen from an employee’s car. This computer contained 38,000 Kaiser Permanente membership names, identification numbers, dates of birth, gender, and physician information (Laptop with patient info stolen, Rocky Mountain News, November 29, 2006). This loss and many other personal information injuries inform all healthcare agencies of the significance of implementing safeguards/regulatoryRead MoreElectronic H ealth Records Breaches Within Security980 Words   |  4 PagesElectronic Health Records Breaches in Security Research Focus Working in the medical field with Electronic Health Records, a lot of my responsibilities are reliant on Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPPA) compliance, EHR updates and template building. EHR breaches in security is a constant concern in this age of modern and sophisticated technology. With recent security breaches of major corporations, this has caused technology experts to heighten its security encryptions to prevent furtherRead MoreWireless Sensor Networks For Continuous Healthcare Monitoring1702 Words   |  7 PagesWireless Sensor Networks for Continuous Healthcare Monitoring BABATOLA FOLUSO FAHINA Faculty of Environment and Technology, University of the West of England. babsfash1@gmail.com Abstract— The healthcare monitoring applications of wireless sensor networks may require the properties of unobtrusiveness and continuity. The continuous tracking of the health state would address the challenges of caregiving for the elderly and performance checking for athletes during training. The application mustRead MoreA Survey On The Healthcare System Essay1574 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Some believe the healthcare may be the most scrutinized industry out there today (Ashrafi, Kelleher Kuiboer, 2014). As the government continues to reform the U.S. healthcare system away from a fee for service to a value based model, many institutions are turning to business intelligence (BI) and analytics for assistance. Moving forward providers of healthcare are responsible for the overall care of patients from admission, discharge and now if the patient returns for the same issue

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